What do fleet reports tell you to do?

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What do fleet reports tell you to do?

Most fleet reports are generated and compiled by fleet services provided by external vendors to fleet operators. Although these reports are very useful to summarise and flag exceptions, they are not designed to inform cost reduction or efficiency improvements. The problem with most fleet reports is that they are representative of a singular service provided by a fleet service provider of a singular cost element or fleet management aspect.

There remains a large gap between knowing best what to do to most effectively drive down fleet cost strategically and most fleet reports.

The various fleet reports from various sources and vendors need to be combined on a per vehicle basis and costs need to be converted into a cost per kilometer. Only then can a required holistic view be formed for meaningful comparison.

The big gap between reports and results needs to be filled with 4 core and critical steps before any cost reduction strategy can be formulated.

Analysis, interpretation, insight and actions need to follow reports before changes for results can be implemented.

Reports play a necessary control function within fleet and help to comply to strict budgets. Only when proper analysis and interpretations are made with business acumen can the right actionable insights be derived to cause the desired results.

The core value add of Autolytix is our process of analytics and execution all designed and aligned to drive business results.